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Updated: Thursday 26th, November 2009 16:04:06

Looking to attract a little more attention to your website, party, or new release?

Over the years trance.nu has become a global brand. Seen on t-shirt, flyers, and at clubs & festivals around the world everyone who knows trance knows trance.nu. With over 20 million hits per month, over 450,000 unique visitors and advertising campaigns reaching over 30 million people world-wide trance.nu has secured a position above the rest. This year the site celebrated another milestone winning the title of “Best Trance Website” for the fourth year in a row at the Trance Awards.

Our concept is an unique blend of first hand news, reviews of early promo records, interviews with headliners, article series including famous artists, lyric- and party-archive plus our big community where DJs, fans and freaks can interact and share their thoughts on everything you possibly can imagine.

Unlike many other sites we’ve chosen to keep our advertisement rates low – even though we have more traffic and brand recognition than most of our rivals. You can also feel good about advertising on trance.nu as you are supporting the global trance community. Advertising proceeds go towards funding the high costs of internet bandwidth, data centre space, and the servers that keep trance.nu alive.

468x60 Flash or HTML Banner

1 month: €200
3 months: €475
6 months: €900

Purchasing multiple months at a discount allows you to run one long campaign, or span multiple campaigns over several months.


Currently trance.nu is accepting "Paypal Donations" as a form of payment.

For more information and to advertise your site, project or event on trance.nu please contact:

Kevin Turner
Marketing & PR
kevin AT trance.nu

Written by:
Kevin Turner

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