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Trance.nu, aka omgApi
Updated: Monday 30th, July 2007 04:27:26

What is omgApi?
omgAPI is created, coded and maintained by Tommie Podzemski. Additional core-coding and modules by Druid and Filterchild.

omgApi is an extremely fast modular API which serves as both CMS and provides a wide range of possibilities to extend it to what the author see fit. It's based on various OS-applications alongside with customized code. Please see the "Acknowledge"-section for further info.

omgApi are made with intention to be open source in the future, or atleast part of the core will be. But due to its bare age, we will keep it closed source until we consider it to be good enough for public release.

Bug Reporting
The developers encourage all users to submit any bugs they find withing this site. Altho it's important to separate management-errors to bugs. If you cannot login, it's most probably a managment-error, and should be referred to the faq-section on trance.nu. If you, on the other hand, encounter a error while adding a gallery to your mypage, it's probably a code-bug, and that should be submitted to our bug-secion at http://tech.trance.nu/bugs/

Please be as detailed as possible when submitting bugs, any screenshots are preferred. The might be some kind of award-system attached to bug-reporting, so get cooking happy

Trance.nu and it's managers, omgApi and it's developers would like this thanks the following projects and individuals for their assistance in omgApi.

Mysql Group, PHP Group, Smarty Group, PEAR Group, Patrik Riske, Jezper Söderlund, Chris Ryan of PHPMailer, Jan-Klaas Kollhof of jsolait, our friends and families for their support and the v4-bugtesters.

Without you it would not have been possible, thanks!

Written by:
Tommie Podzemski

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