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Monday 19th, May 2008
Ørjan Nilsen – La Guitarra

Massive props must go to Ørjan Nilsen [w] for these past two years; his hard work has definitely paid off after numerous solo (Black Mamba) and collaborative works (Lost Once) storming clubs and DJs everywhere.

Well he’s back on Armada [w] ’s Armind baking up brand new release that begins with the pounding guitar-piercing instrumental that is La Guitarra. This one has had a lot of discussion in the forums etc recently, and there’s a damned good reason why. Holding no prisoners, the stabbing flamenco-inspired lead is taken over by the techy bass – a contrast that perforates the delicacy of the guitar that creeps its way into the mix. Strong and well-produced, the guitar riff takes over during the break down and continues its relentless harmonies up until we hear that ripping bass line again and array of house-infused synth/vocal cuts.

Inevitably Ørjan isn’t far behind us in beholding the summerness that radiates from the original. His Balaeric mix fills up the spectrum a bit more, taking away some of the raw groove that makes the original. Still, it’s an eclectic mix of timbres underpinned by a rolling synth that heightens the climax up until the guitar solo. It works very well rhythmically with the rest of the track and adds yet another dimension to the experience.

There’s been a lot of heat about this release so far, so how do the other guys take to the challenge of remixing this beast? Well, Omina’s remix does a reasonable job at crafting an Anjuna-style accompaniment to the by now well-worn melody. Taking a different approach Marcus Schossow [w] perks things up with a more electric set of synths, transforming into a string break down that doesn’t float about too much. As ever, the Swede shakes things up totally with a crunching bass lead that tastefully rips the guitar into shreads…

As a bit of a bonus, the release ends with Scrubs. Ørjan experiments with a tech-drenched SvD-inspired affair, characterised as Ørjan’s own by a melancholic and uninspired melody that serves as an excuse for the imitating and well-worn Riff sound.

Raw-sounding and shattering? Original, Balaearic and Schossow please 4/5. How about the rest? Bland. 3/5

Available from Trackitdown as we speak!


Written by:
Scott Normanton

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